Paige Vanzant is definitely one of the rising TikTok stars. But how did she make it? Probably one of the most promising stars of the new generation.. What are her plans for 2023?


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Paige VanZant has competed in the featherweight category of UFC fights. The girl trains, shoots for advertising campaigns and is a media personality. A career in MMA turned out to be an unplanned success for her, so Paige combines her work with several hobbies and family life.

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Childhood and youth

The fighter's real name is Paige Michelle Sletten. The girl was born on March 26, 1994 in the United States, in Oregon. She was brought up in an ordinary American family, where the child was cared for and treated with love. From a young age she was interested in dancing.

At school, she had trouble communicating with her peers. Paige speculated that her atypical appearance might be to blame. Classmates teased her about her last name, so she changed it from Sletten to VanZant.

Hatred from other teenagers led to complexes. Paige felt lonely and constantly stressed. Rubbish was thrown at her. The girl was afraid to go to the canteen for lunch. She had to hide in the bathroom during breaks to eat something she grabbed from home. Young Paige's biggest dream was to make friends with her peers. She hoped to be accepted as her own, so the fatal tragedy that occurred in her life was partly a consequence of teenage gullibility.