Friends, I bring to your attention the continuation of the series on catching digitalizers at the IX iiko Partner Conference in Montenegro.


Restaurant Delivery Apps Cracking the PM interview
Digitalization of restaurants

Grigory Stolyarenko, a guru of restaurant automation, who participated in the development of many solutions for iiko, fell into my tenacious paws.

By the way, I recommend that restaurant business owners pay close attention to iikoWaiter - Gregory is sure that Russian digitalization will win, also thanks to the widespread introduction of iikoWaiter handhelds for waiters.

There are many digital solutions, but which ones to integrate into the work of your establishment? Do you need a specialist for this? How much time will I spend studying? These are the questions that are invariably asked by the restaurateur challenging the great and immense digitalization. In fact, digitizing part of your workflow is easier than it sounds - just look a the Restaurant Mobile App example.

Website in 5 minutes

In the modern world, acquaintance with the institution and further communication between the client and the restaurant passes through the site. For many, there is an emotional barrier to entering an unfamiliar establishment. What if the prices are too high, the menu does not fit, the concept is not pleasant? All these doubts induce people to give preference to familiar establishments, ignoring new ones (see Food Delivery Platform for instance). At the same time, a potential client will willingly get acquainted with the menu, furnishings, reviews of other clients through the website and will most likely order a table.

Online table reservations

So, your establishment has a website, with the help of which potential can get acquainted with your establishment, and regular ones can see menu updates, promotional offers and interesting events. But in order to be sure that on Friday evening he will be able to dine at the desired restaurant with a 100% guarantee, a modern person does not hope for a lucky break, but book a table.

Just as Restaurant loyalty app report says, the seemingly short booking procedure actually takes a lot of staff time. In addition, the human factor does not exclude mistakes, and it is not always realistic to rationally allocate seats during rush hours. Making the most of the resource of an institution is one of the key conditions for its financial success. With AppCafe's online booking platform, you can successfully solve this problem with just a few clicks. And most importantly, you do not have to waste time and effort on telephone calls, the booking procedure is automated and takes place online.

With AppCafe, you create your own corporate system for scheduling and distributing employee shifts. The information can always be updated and cannot be missed, since it is recorded in the mobile phone of each team member. You will not have to waste time on numerous planning meetings, and the number of mistakes will be minimized.