Alexandra Hatcu is widely hailed as the ex of the acclaimed Dominican rapper and singer Mozart La Para. Since they have been together for 10 years, they decided to share their methods. After realizing that they need different things in everyday life, they split up.


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Alexandra Hatcu is married to the rapper Mozart La Para. In 2013 they had a daughter, Charlotte Fernández.

Unlike other famous people's breakups, there weren't that many shows that included Alexandra Hatcu and Mozart La Para. Plus, they still had a happy relationship, which is pretty ideal. All in all, she was with him before he became the king of show business as a rapper and has seen numerous ups and downs.

Alexandra Hatcu is a division manager for finance. In addition, it is commonly known as Mozart's former La Para. He talked about his age or Edad, but didn't hear about it. In that sense, the general population has little understanding of how old they are now.

Alexandra Hatcu is dynamic on Instagram. In addition, it is of course very popular on Instagram with the membership check of around 4.1 million followers. Likewise, his model photographs collect a multitude of preferences for her.

Her Wikipedia profile does not currently exist. In any case, his encounters make up for it, as some of them can be discovered on the web. The way to his Altura, which implies altitude, has yet to be revealed. Even so, she looks pretty tall in her photos.

In 2013 she gave birth to a baby daughter from her marriage to Mozart La Para. Her name is Charlotte Fernández. He is also around 7 years old. They married around 2009. Even so, after 10 years of marriage, they took a different path.

Speaking of family and relatives, very little has been found so far. Its identity is Romanian-Italian. His nationality is also white. It also has a YouTube channel of the same name.

Alexandra Hatcu is a Instagram star and PR entrepreneur for fashion and real estate clients. He is the CEO of Charlotte Music S.R.L. He has 4.8 million followers on Instagram.

Before fame

At the age of 16 she started modeling in Italy.


Alexandra Hatcu and her husband appeared together in Adidas promotions in the Caribbean.

Family life

Alexandra Hatcu is married to the rapper Mozart La Para. In 2013 they had a daughter, Charlotte Fernández.

Linked to

In February 2018, Alexandra Hatcu posted a selfie with Cardi B on Instagram. See also Jamar Pusch profile for more details.