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Jennifer Lawrence biography

Jennifer Lawrence is an American-born Hollywood actress who rose to international fame after starring in two box-office Hollywood franchises. The performer quickly found her niche in American cinema and rose to the top of the list of the highest-paid stars of the 'dream factory'. Even today, she has no intention of giving up her place on the podium, adding new statuettes to her collection of prestigious awards.

Jennifer Lawrence films

Jennifer Lawrence's cinematic biography began with a role in the film "City Company". Popularity of the novice actress brought the film "House of Poker". Premiere screening of the picture was held at the annual Los Angeles Film Festival, and the young star won the prize for best actress.

The first award has brought Jennifer not only recognition, but also the attention of directors. She received an offer to star in the film adaptation of the comic book "X-Men: First Class". The project was not easy for the artist - to embody her character Mystique, she had to wear makeup, covering the entire body. But the heroine fell in love with the audience, and Lawrence was honored to participate in the continuation of the franchise.

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In March 2012, started the movie "The Hunger Games", after which Jennifer Lawrence came to the long-awaited popularity. In addition to positive critical acclaim, the film performed brilliantly at the box office, increasing profits many times over. The film became one of the highest-grossing in Hollywood history and, thanks to this, got a sequel.

In the same year, Jennifer starred in the Russell Crowe film "My Boyfriend Is Crazy" with Bradley Cooper. The actress got the role of Tiffany - a young woman, early widowed and drown out the pain of loss with sex. For this work Lawrence won an "Oscar" and "Golden Globe".