Along with the application form comes the application fee, here you will have to pay a certain fee for your application form.


Supplementary Materials, Fees,and Application Essays Cracking the PM interview
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Aside from being able to supply the college application form, the whole college application

the process of course does not end just there. There are various supplementary materials that students will need to supply their chosen colleges – but this may differ, depends on the requirements that a college has.

Along with the application form comes the application fee, here you will have to pay a certain fee for your application form. Regardless of whether or not you get accepted in the college of your choice, you won’t be able to refund this fee. For students who might need some financial assistance, there are colleges who offer “fee waivers” for those who aren’t able to afford the application fee.

Aside from your admissions form and your college application essay, another way to gauge your eligibility for the college of your choice are your admission test scores. There are many tests that different colleges may ask for SAT scores, ACT scores etc to help them see if you’re actually fit for the kind of work that is required for college.

In addition to personally being able to impress the admissions staff, applicants still have to provide

letters of recommendation. These are letters written by academic members that can prove that you are indeed fit and ready for college.

Performing Arts Samples

I call these performing arts because they fall mainly under the talents category. Music samples, dance tapes, and slide shows are all supplementary materials. Although they are not required for admissions, they provide the

ADCOMs another way to evaluate your talents as an applicant. In the rat-race world of college admissions, you need all the help you can get.

Most schools will allow you to submit supplementary materials, but I would suggest that you send only your best samples. ADCOMs do not have time to view your 20-minute dancing video, and wasting their time is not what you want to do. And best here means one that has at least a regional recognition.

This is very important because sometimes students just send materials for the sake of sending. Don’t do that.

ADCOMs will only want to see your ‘best’ works, not necessarily what your mother thinks is good.

Don't Stress Out!

The above usually are all the supplementary materials that you will need to get into college. All you need to do is to start working on these ahead of time so you won’t end up cramming. Once you've submitted them impressed the admissions staff there’s no need to get stressed out any further.

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