Instagram likes are one of the main goals of any account, from the average user to an online store.


How to get free likes on Instargam in 2022 Cracking the PM interview
How to grow your Instagram audience in 2023

But, why? Likes are a measure of coolness, of success, if you will. Companies that promote their products and services need likes to earn money, gain an audience and brand loyalty. For bloggers, a large number of likes helps in promotion and popularity, as well as to attract potential advertisers. You can also start, for example, with buying 50 free likes.

Quality content

Quality content is the first thing you should be concerned about if you want to collect hundreds or even thousands of likes. We are talking not only about a pretty picture, but also about the text. It should be informative, without any water, and of course, it should catch the eye and a desire to read to the end. If you lack writing skills, you can hire a copywriter, whose job is to write high-quality posts.

As for the visual, the opinions of Instagram experts differ on this: some believe that the photo and text in one post should be inextricably linked, others argue that the main thing is that the photo should not stand out from the overall picture of the profile. In any case, the photo should be aesthetically pleasing, attractive, but not pretentious.

Keywords and hashtags

Another way to attract the audience and, accordingly, the likes is the use of keywords and hashtags. But first things first.

Keywords are the very words your potential subscribers can use to find you. For a clothing store, it's "dresses," "shoes," "suits. For a flower store, it can be words like "bouquets," "flowers," etc.

Previously, it was enough to clearly indicate the topic of the blog, write who you are and what you do, what the blog is about, etc. However, for beginner bloggers this will not work. You need to come up with a succinct description that will make your account unique and evoke emotion. Don't get carried away with the writing in the header, be brief but clear. Besides, Instagram only allows 150 characters.