The topic and the niche itself is very lively, and will be alive for a long time to come. There are enough places for everyone, there are really a lot of clients and the competition is weak.


How to create a sports betting website Cracking the PM interview
A manual on how to create a selling sports prediction website.

Everything about this particular niche is described in the manual. How to create a site, what to do, where to get forecasts, where to get clients, free and paid ways and much more.

Choosing a specific niche

The first thing to decide is what kind of forecasts you are going to offer to your clients. It has become a habit on the internet to call everything either sports forecasts, which means in 90% of cases football forecasts, or separately basketball, hockey or tennis forecasts. I recommend you do as everyone else and pick sports forecasts. But you can also take, say, basketball or hockey forecasts. For instance, you may be more interested in hockey forecasts than in basketball, and vice versa, so think carefully, don't be in a hurry, you will always make money.

Choosing a domain name

I hope everyone knows that a domain is how you will be remembered. Specifically in our niche is just an important factor. Most importantly easy to pronounce, and as short as possible. Words that can be added to the domain: capper, betting, tips, bet - there are many of them, work with Google Translator, it will help, look for analogues of the word forecasts and so on. Also go words like football, soccer, basketball, sport, ball. To put it mildly, there are many to choose from, but try to make the domain as short as possible or at least the average, what would be easier to remember you and write your address in search and not only.

Choosing a hosting

There's no problem, in fact, a site with predictions is most often 100-200 visitors a day, very rarely more, so take the most common hosting with the most common plan. I will advise Digitalocean hosting, blog rate - good hosting + tech. support on high, I myself use their services. But the final decision is yours, the main thing here is not to overpay, it is not worth it. Do not increase the costs, minimize them.

Choose a CMS for the site

Choosing a CMS, it's not particularly important, but it's worth talking about. Personally, I work with two CMS, they are: Joomla and WordPress. Ultimately, choose the one that is closer to you, special plug-ins and other features does not require a site with forecasts, so any engine will do.

Look at what CMS is available free templates that can be well remade to your theme with a few actions, personally I often do just that, and then choose a CMS.

Creating a design for the site

Moving on, now let's talk about website design with forecasts. In essence, it's the most common single-page site, with a few pages. Again, no tricks or anything else the site requires, brevity, neatness and nothing more. You can look for one-page templates for your site (eg here), and can even make a landing page with several pages. Believe me, any ready-made landing can be remade for themselves in terms of graphics and text, so it should not be a problem. You can see some Best Betting Sites in India for a reference.

Now about the importance of design sites of this kind. I say at once, a very important and serious thing. Design - this is one of the main reasons for the customer to trust your site, so do not be stingy. But at the same time, this does not mean that you have to give 10-20 thousand just to make a design for your site. Just try to find a beautiful design that can be slightly modified and installed on the site.

If you know how to draw a template yourself, it is better to spend time. Read here how to make a landing page on your own. If you can't, feel free to follow the previous advice.

Pay special attention to the colours of the site, one should be in two or three shades, and the logo of the site. Logos are being pumped on the sites with Photoshop lessons in PSD formats and remake your site, everything is easy and simple. As for the colors, let's take, say, the orange and white tones of the site, or black and green, about this, improvise, read on the Internet there are articles where they write what colours, cause confidence in customers, this is not nonsense, believe me.

Creating and filling pages

So, domain and hosting are registered, CMS is chosen, design is ready - time to go to making pages. I will tell you right away that I will describe all the options for creating pages on the site, but the most important ones are home page, forecast statistics and payment for forecasts. These are the three main pages, but I will repeat I will talk about every page you can make on any sports betting site. You can take all of these pages and make them on your site, but it is not sure it will create much trust from customers, take it in parts, there is no such thing as everything at once. As an option, you can try, and I think you will even get it, over time, to add a page of your services.

Home page of a site with sports forecasts

The home page is, in fact, the key page. You must make everything on it so the client will not leave your site after first five seconds of viewing, as it happens with many online shops and not only.

What you can add there. Well, first of all, in the header of the site I recommend to make a menu with the logo. Just below you can make a description of the site, talk about the pros of your resource. A little lower necessarily make statistics for the last 10 or 15 of your forecasts.

If the description is not necessary, the statistics must be in any case, the client will immediately see what you have the pass rate and make a decision, whether to continue to watch your site or leave it. By the way, in the free space on the main page in a mandatory manner to leave your mailing address, so that customers can ask you their questions. Not everyone does this, and in this way they lose not a small fraction of customers. Dealing with clients via e-mail is one of your main duties, so pay attention to this.

I suggest you install a browser plugin which will notify you as soon as you get a message in the mail.

Forecast statistics

Statistics for predictions, also a very important, but lighter point. You make 1 page with all the statistics from the previous months and link to all the results for each month. You can put it all on 1 page, but that's a matter of taste, if you keep the stats for 6 months, it won't be pretty. As an option on one page, you can do through a spoiler, ie, when you click will drop the statistics for the months.

Now about the first and main option: on each page, a month of statistics, remember. Statistics can be done in two ways: the first is to create a table on the site in an HTML editor, the second way is to create a table Excel, then make a screenshot of the statistics, cut it out in Photoshop and add to the site. Do as you feel more comfortable. Remember, you will have to do it every day, so think carefully and don't rush.

Payment for predictions

Personally, I have had one method of payment on my site, which is transfer to Qiwi wallet, it is the most convenient. There were, of course, isolated cases where I had to make concessions and accept payment by Yandex Money, but not always. Most often it is this wallet that is used by all those people who place bets. But from my experience, I would say that it is better to make the payment function once directly on the site from any convenient wallet, rather than fiddling with it as I did.

There have just been cases where people have written to me from Italy and Bulgaria, but I could not accept payment. Leave all sorts of details on the payment page, or set up an automatic payment function after all. There are different services, lots of them, like Glopart and so on, I'm sure you know about them. If you don't know them, search online, there are really many of them and they all have different conditions.

Account promotion

Now let's talk about secondary pages, which you don't have to add to your site, but you can. You can, as I said before, and try over time, when the site will be spinning people, and your site will have a new service, which will probably interest ordinary customers and potential customers.