Being a hacker in the 21st century is now fashionable, as such guys have a lot of opportunities. Being in the hacking and penetration niche is not an easy task enough, and largely depends on your skills. Do you want to connect to a WiFi hotspot or do you want to use a DDOS attack? Another use of a laptop will be as a collection of passwords, for example, to hack email.


Best laptop for hacking Cracking the PM interview
Do you want to connect to a WiFi hotspot or do you want to use a DDOS attack?

Not always IT-specialists work in an air-conditioned office with delicious cookies, a coffee machine, a lounge and other goodies. Sometimes you have to perform duties in truly extreme conditions - in heat and cold, knee-deep in water or at a bird's eye view.

In this case, the equipment must also be appropriate - after all, dust, water or shock can very quickly disable equipment. Under the cut - a selection of five well-protected laptops from all sorts of dangers. So, what is the Best laptop for hacking?

Panasonic Toughbook G2

A recent novelty is a rugged laptop from Panasonic. On Habré more than once or twice they wrote about Toughbook, and now its new incarnation has appeared. This is in some way a modular device, which, moreover, is a “2 in 1” system - if necessary, it turns into a secure tablet.

The case is equipped with three modular expansion slots, which can be connected to a thermal imager, barcode scanner or SSD. According to the developers from Panasonic, this device is backwards compatible with the vast majority of docking stations for the Toughbook 20 and G1.

The device itself is small - only 10.1 inches. But in the field, systems like the Aurora 7 are not needed - they are heavy and not very practical. Even a standard 15-inch laptop can quickly fail under constant exposure to negative external factors. Plus, to work with conventional laptops, you need a bag. And here the laptop itself is transformed into a convenient suitcase.

You can also mount the device in the car. Among other characteristics - Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, the ability to connect two SIM-cards. The device can be equipped with 16 or 32 GB of RAM and a solid state drive with a capacity of 512 GB or 1 TB. Processor - Intel Core i5 or i7 v Pro. OS - Windows 10. By the way, the G2 model went on sale a quarter of a century after the release of the original Toughbook. You can’t call it cheap, but it’s not intended for the mass market either. The cost of the device is from $2999 for the basic version. The device is available only to corporate clients.