Mountain - a bike for difficult mountain trails. The patency of such a device is enough to overcome steep ascents and descents from the mountain. Good depreciation and suspension provide excellent cross-country ability and comfortable conditions for the rider. Wheel diameter - 25-27 inches, durable rubber allows you to operate the bike in the winter. The maximum speed is 40-50 km / h.


Best electric bike under $2000 Cracking the PM interview
2022 update: Choosing The Best electric bike under $2000

There are many reviews on the net that electric bikes break down faster than conventional ones. Our rating will help you not to face such a problem. In it, we have collected the best models in terms of price-quality, comparing not only technical characteristics, but also user reviews here

Green City E-Alfa (2021)

Excellent electric bike with advanced equipment. The manufacturer added not only protection for the chain and fenders, but also rear-view mirrors and a basket. The latter is quite comfortable and roomy, making it convenient to go shopping on a bicycle. The motor power is 350W. The maximum possible speed is 35 km/h. Judging by the reviews, driving up the hill on the Green City E-Alfa is easy. The battery is quite powerful. This electric bike also has disadvantages. First, it is heavy due to the steel frame. Secondly, buyers have complaints about the brakes. This can be a problem, especially on a suburban highway, where high speed develops.

 xDevice xBicycle 14 (2020)

A versatile electric bike that suits both women and men thanks to its low frame. It will be inconvenient to ride it only for very tall people. An important advantage of the model is the presence of a trunk. Moreover, it can really be used, since the battery is transferred to the frame. Engine power is not the greatest. It is 250 watts. The battery is enough for quite long trips. In addition, it charges quickly, in just 4 hours. It is also very convenient that the bike is foldable. Many of these models are not the most reliable, but xDevice xBicycle 14 is not one of them. Its disadvantages are only small wheels and stiff suspension without shock absorption.

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