Then you will have to master the basics of search engine marketing on your own. In this article, you will find 10 tips for small business owners


Small business marketing. 10 tips Cracking the PM interview
Do you want to attract customers via the Internet, but are not ready to pay SEOs?

1) narrow the market

Create a picture of the ideal client: what he looks like, what he thinks, how he values, where you can find them. Do not make appeals to those people who do not fit the definition of an ideal client.

2) Differentiate

Omit everything you know about your product. Get to the most important central idea, and work from it. In doing so, make sure that this central idea sets you apart from the competition.

3) Think Strategy First

Take everything you did in steps 1 and 2 and think about your strategy. Get 1 or 2 words in the minds of consumers. Free words. Naturally, the consumer is your ideal customer.

4) Create teaching materials

You are in the information business. Your website, marketing materials, and so on are all educational materials, informational, not flyers that are handed out with the aim of simply selling a product.

5) Emotions, visual style

Try to use visual styles wisely to get an emotional response from your ideal client. They must match what he likes. Each element of promotion that has a visual component must be thought out. See a good overview here Business management books PDF.

6) Get leads (potential customers) from different points

People learn in different ways, just like it is described in Schweser 2021 PDF article. Try to get leads in different situations. This will add to your experience, and you can better understand the most effective methods for attracting leads.

7) Build a logical road to buying a product

Fueling leads leads to a logical path - to buying a product. Build a conversion system that makes them come to the conclusion that you have what they need. Do this before they buy the item, during the purchase, and after.

8) Always Measure What Matters

Certain things always matter. Usually the secret sauce of a successful business is intangible assets and their measurement. They are the ones that often lead to profits.

9) Automate

Automate your marketing process. Reach communities on the Internet, create knowledge, automate the basic elements of the delivery of your information business. Let people spread information about him themselves.

10) planning

Plan your marketing activities constantly. Create plans for the week, day, month, quarter, and even a whole year. And be sure to keep your marketing investments aligned with your plan. More details: Managers handbook PDF.