In this article, I want to tell you what SEO is, what role this concept plays in website promotion, and why you can fall under the search engine filter. There is a lot of such material on the Internet, however, due to the fact that search engines have radically changed the principles of content ranking in recent years, some information on SEO promotion should be updated.


Affordable Search Engine Optimization Cracking the PM interview

Indeed, if earlier SEO optimization of sites guaranteed a certain result, now many of the previously used methods simply do not work. In this regard, the question arises as to how applicable such methods are in modern conditions. In order to understand what actually happened, and what search engines are now focusing on, it is necessary to study the mechanism of the tool in question.

What is SEO in simple terms

The term SEO itself is an abbreviation of the phrase Search Engine Optimization and implies a set of measures aimed at optimizing the search engine results for targeted queries.

The scope of work within typical Affordable Search Engine Optimization package includes:

  • Analysis of the statistics of search phrases related to a specific topic.
  • Compilation of a semantic core based on a list of keywords.
  • Determination of the algorithm for ranking sites by search engines, taking into account innovations.
  • Carrying out work to improve the structure of the site and its content, optimize images, links, eliminate technical errors, check the relevance of pages.
  • Analysis of the target audience and commercial requests.
  • Tracking the results and adjusting the scheme.

The internal inventory of the site is carried out regularly, regardless of the search results. External optimization, which is associated with an increase in the number of links and linking of pages, takes place against the background of competitive analysis.

How site pages are indexed by search queries

Search robots constantly monitor various links, visit pages, and penetrate deep into sites. As a result of this work, indexing occurs, in other words, the storage of the information received in the database. With the subsequent introduction of a search query, the system gives the most relevant answer, while the search engine no longer refers to the site itself.

As a result of such an algorithm of actions, you can get two options:

  • The search robot has not yet visited the site, and therefore has not indexed the pages. As a result, the content does not appear in search results.
  • The search engine has indexed the resource and reflects it with a relevant query.

In this situation, there is another scenario. If, for any reason, a newly published article is copied to a third-party resource and indexed by a robot, then the search base will display information that this particular site is the owner of the content, which means that it will be the priority on request. The original in this case will be considered a duplicate and completely ignored by robots.